If a massage is not enough for you, choose one of our rituals which will  take care of your body and soul completely.

Sunrise ritual

It begins with a stimulating massage of your the feet, legs and back with bamboo shoots, which are piezoelectric and literally fill your body with energy. Then we provide your body with cool refreshment in the form of massage with frozen coffee cubes. At the end, to warm you from the inside and stimulate the brain to act, we will give you a cup of tea with guarana or green tea.

Indian Princess ritual

It is recommended for women who are ashamed of nudity and would like to feel the soothing and relaxing effect of massage on the body and soul. This ritual is performed by Indian music, and begins with an aromatic foot bath during which a scalp massage is given (depending on your preference with or without oils). Then, a gentle and precise massage is given to your feet and hands. They can be eased the sesame oil. After that there is an Indian pressure massage which is given through clothing on a couch and is finished with nutritional and regenerating face massage. At the end we give our princess delicious, aromatic jasmine scented green tea.

Modelling bomb ritual

It is recommended for women determined to fight with their imperfections. This includes modelling massage depending on the problem (lifting, cellulite, lipolytic), bamboo and ice massage according to a saying – the more the better.