Pearl lagoon



Pearl lagoon

This place is surrounded by rocks where you can have only amazing moments.

Using pearl and water baths, in which a specially arranged ejected jets, air bubbles fully massage the body, providing incredible relaxation.

To complete this pleasure, Rajska WySpa invites you to massage rooms where our staff complement the experience in suitably decorated interiors which are in perfect harmony with ambient music and beautiful scents move your soul and body in a blissful state, and treatments will allow to stop time.

At the end, we suggest you to move to the ‘Land of Morpheus’ or the Culinary World, where our Chef will take care of your palates.

Health benefits

Tension relief

There are physiological and psychological reasons for which SPA removes tension and helps you to relax in difficult times. Hydrotherapy combined with heat treatment and immersion in water allows the body to alleviate tension and remove the stiffness of the muscles, and make the blood circulate more freely.

Rheumatic pain relief

A trip to a massage therapist is often the only relief for sufferers of chronic rheumatism and joint pain. In our SPA bath you can feel like in the professional massage salon. In addition, improved blood circulation as a result of heat and immersion which helps you fight with tension, make our SPA an ideal place to treat both disorders. Jacuzzi is a great way to relieve everyday ailments caused by joint pain.

Sleep improvement

Heat reduces the internal temperature of the body allowing you to relax naturally. In contrast to the sleeping pills, water circulation and heat leads to rest and relax of the body. Just a few minutes in a hot bath results in a more relaxing, effective and healthy sleep.


Additional information



Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness is the zone of silence and relax. Spa and Wellness is open daily from 9.00 am till 9.30 pm. Buying the entrance ticket to the Wellness Zone and/or other services from the offer of Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness means that our Guests declare that there are not any medical contraindication against using the services we offer and that they acquainted themselves and agree with the conditions of the following rules and regulations.


There is an extra charge of 70 PLN for losing or destroying the card to your room and the key to the Spa & Wellness dressing room.

The management and staff of Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness  accept no responsibility for the loss of money or valuables of any kind brought into the Spa premises (dressing rooms, lockers, etc.).

Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness is designed only for adults. Children and teenagers under 18 are not allowed at the Spa unless with the adults’ consent.



smoke and take any illegal substances, bring food in any form

bring in glass containers

use any equipment without staff consent

walk naked or in any other not accepted outfit

use mobile phones

bring in dogs and other animals.



Drink a lot of still mineral water before, during and after treatments – we recommend using tea bar at Reception of Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness

Avoid lavish meals and alcohol one hour before planned treatment

Avoid sun baths immediately before and after treatments

Use the bath in Pearl Lagoon always before and not after treatments



Using saunas in accordance with instructions which are placed next to them

Entering saunas in towel, in pearl lagoon bathing outfit is de rigueur

Filling a consultancy form and informing us about illnesses

Informing about the change of date or cancellation of booking at least 6 hours before planned treatment

It is necessary to change your shoes for replacement ones (such as flip-flops) after entering Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness

Please inform staff of Rajska Wyspa Spa & Wellness about all improprieties, defects, etc. which can have an influence on the use of the centre

Out of concern for your and other users’ safety it is necessary to keep

to the above-mentioned rules

People staying in the Rajska WySpa Spa &Wellness area are obliged to acquaint themselves with the General Rules and Regulations and the Rules of Individual Rooms

Please turn off your mobile phone before entering Rajska WySpa Spa & Wellness


To ensure maximum pleasure and comfort while using Rajska WySpa facilities, we offer you childcare. When you relax – your child can have a great time playing with a qualified baby-sitter.  For further details, please contact Reception.