Relaxation massage

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Relaxation massage

Indian massage with elements of yoga

If you are shy, feel embarrassed by nudity during the massage, but still would like to experience the beneficial effect of massage and body work – choose this massage. With yoga, you will know your body better, you will find peace, balance and confidence. The massage will bring you into a state of deep relaxation, so that you would be able to soothe both your body and soul.

Hot stone massage

Feel the beneficial effects of mother nature. Wrap the body with a pleasant heat from volcanic stones, let your body and mind to rest and regenerate.

Indian head and shoulder massage

Slowly you realize that you are close to become a workaholic? You often suffer from headaches, feel pain in your neck and shoulders? You are a bundle of nerves? Let yourself relax a little and try an Indian head massage and just after 15 minutes you will feel relaxed and calm.

Hand massage

Hand skin is exposed to external factors, contact with detergents, frequent soaking in water, temperature changes, but also the type of work – it all has an impact on their appearance, and because they are human pride, we should take care of them. Massage will increase the flexibility of hand skin, improve the nutrition and hydration as well as soften the skin.


Restore balance and harmony in your life. Immerse the body in liquid gold of India and feel like a princess/prince. Feel like the naturally heated sesame oil provides your skin with a deep cleansing and moisturizing, relaxes the body and calms the mind.

Lomi lomi massage

Move your body and soul on a hot and full of love Hawaiian island, give relaxation to your body and mind. Let the beneficial effects of coconut oil and nourish and calm your skin, and loving hands restore harmony in your life.

Face massage

Face is the part of the human body, which draws a lot of attention, it makes the first impression and on the basis of its appearance we are evaluated. Over the years, despite the facial skin care, its beautiful appearance is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve. Reduced number of collagen and elastin fibres results in deeper and deeper wrinkles, skin becomes grey, dull and tired. The recipe for all these problems is the massage. The variety of techniques allows to choose the type of massage suitable for you, it might be: lifting, nourishing, reflexology and relaxing.

Foot massage

All day our feet take us wherever we want. At work, on a walk, in high heels or barefoot all the time they are loaded. That is why we should take care of them. Foot massage will eliminate swelling and pain, improve blood circulation, regenerate skin and improve our mood.