Body modelling massages

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Body modelling massages

Modelling massages

It aims to correct aesthetic defects of the body such as cellulite, excess body fat, decrease tension and firmness of the skin. This includes preventive measures and work with problematic places (hips, thighs, calves, abdomen, waist, arms).

What gives you the massage? It improve the state of tension, slims and smoothes the skin, improves the appearance and colour of the skin, cleanses, detoxifies, oxygenates, enhances the work of the whole body, improves blood and lymph circulation, strengthens the immune system, relaxes and improves your well-being, health and beauty prevention. Massage is based on the number of groups of strokes and kneads which stimulate lipolysis (fat breakdown) and elimination (expulsion) of breakdown products, as well as the deep movements of drainage. Recommended oil assists fat burning, for example with green tea.

Ice massage

Cold is a natural way of treatment, which evolved from empirical experience, cryotherapy is used in many parts of the world for centuries to the present day. ice massage helps with regeneration after exercise, helps to remove metabolites, has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, revitalizes the body, releases endorphins (hormones of happiness), eliminates the signs of stress and fatigue, improves the action of the respiratory system, accelerates blood circulation, improves heart function, accelerates metabolism and fat tissue breakdown, increases the mobility of joints, reduces muscle tension and tempers.

Bamboo massage

It was developed by Gil Amsal, the co-founder of Paris Massage Academy, a distinguished scholar of oriental massage techniques and the author of a number of exclusive treatments for cosmetic companies.

The inspiration came from the observation of panda bear, rubbing with relish of bamboo shoots. Gil Amsal decided to give the pleasure of developing the Bamboo Massage. To perform this massage there are sued different sizes of bamboo sticks and brooms that due to the high content of silicon are a natural piezoelectric – due to rubbing and rolling electric potential is formed. Besides, the massage keeps the skin and muscles in very good condition, has a very good effect in the fight against cellulite, improves blood circulation, stimulates, improves drainage, tissue regeneration and oxygenation of the body, firms up and shapes the body, is a good way to relieve stress and fatigue, perfectly relaxes and reduces muscle tension.

Cupping-glass massage

Massage with the use of cupping-glass is the vacuum therapy. By the use of them it is possible to remove the dysfunction of internal organs, relieve pain, cure diseases or support conventional treatment and restore proper functioning of the whole body. Applied early enough is sometimes more effective than pharmacological methods and it often replaces it, it gives very good results in viral diseases which are not susceptible to antibiotics. It is also effective in case of acute and chronic infections of respiratory and bronchial asthma, the symptoms of pain and after injuries problems, as a first aid after being bitten by insects, it mobilizes to fight the immune system, relaxes the muscles, supports the weight loss processes, has anti-cellulite effects and breaks down the excess of fatty tissue. The smell of oil according to customer preferences.